The Wandering Wombat: Fiction by Lucy

Hello and welcome!

In this journal, you'll find a whole lot of fiction: most of it fan fiction, a large percentage of which is romantic or erotic in nature. Most of the romance and erotica is male/male, so be warned: if that's not your cup of tea, it's probably best to look elsewhere!

In this post you'll find the important information. First there's a general breakdown of what there is (and isn't!) in this journal, followed by a number of indexes to find your way around. Thanks for reading, and I hope you like what you find! (If you do, leaving feedback in the comments is a thing of shiny awesome - just saying.)

What It's All About

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The Index

Stand-Alone Stories

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Need to write! Can you help?

I need to write! And I am completely stumped. So my plan is to trawl the kinkmemes of the world and look for something to inspire me.

Except I don't really know where the kinkmemes live.

Anyone have links? Doctor Who, Whedonverse, small fandom or multi-fandom memes would be awesome.

(I know about the popslash fic requests comm - but I'm kind of not finding anything there to inspire me just now. :()

Or you could just prompt me?

Stupid lack of muses.

While I'm sorting out the journal...

...here is a question!

Are you cross-posting from DW to LJ?

I'm trying to a) sort out my reading lists on LJ and DW so that I have fewer duplications and b) do as much moving my reading from LJ to DW as possible.

Don't worry, I'm not quitting LJ, not by any means. And I'm not going to be all "you must move to DW". But if I can read your posts on Dreamwidth, I would prefer to.

A few people on my list have recently started cross-posting, and I've just done a mass move of cross-posters off my LJ default view. (I won't be defriending anyone - that feels mean to me!)

(It's also partly because I'm on a couple of high-traffic comms on LJ, so my friends' posts tend to get drowned.)


If you're on Dreamwidth, and you're cross-posting, let me know!

so this is what it feels like to have an OTP...

Hello, lovely people!

I am trying to jumpstart my muses.

A thing that has worked for me in the past is to ask for prompts and write ficlets in return. Seems to get the juices flowing. And I have a new fandom (Sherloooock!) and that's kind of enormous fun, but I can't seem to get writing. Thinking, yes. Writing, no.

So I'm not going to restrict this to just Sherlock, because I'm not sure how Sherlock-enabled my readers are in general. But I'm going to include Sherlock, and I'd like at least one Sherlock prompt at some point! But if you want another fandom, go for it.

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(no subject)

All the fic is now up on AO3. Yay?

The whole point was kind of to prepare the ground in case I want to write and/or post Sherlock fic. But I still can't.

A friend mentioned Nano to me today and I'm thinking about it. It would stress me out, though. On the other hand, it's not like I have a life.

Oh, and my mother is having a go at me about stuff I find impossible to tackle. Again. I thought she understood and/or listened to me, but apparently not. Woo.